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Our Story : Grace Compass Church


The story behind, Grace Compass Church is that it is  a place for ‘real’ people on a journey to come, discover, experience, and live out an incredible faith together through Grace. Reproducing radical followers that will leave the mark of Christ wherever they are living, working, and ministering are the ultimate purpose our authentic Biblical Community. Jesus Answered Life’s greatest questions with two simple profound Faith Goals: Love God with all your heart and love others as yourself. It is our relationship with God and our relationship with others that bring identity, meaning and purpose to our life.



Why A New Church?

Church planting is the single most effective form of evangelism today, and a necessary method for reaching all of North America with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. New churches grow faster than established churches because new churches are focused on reaching the un-churched.  People are also more open to change in new churches and thus excited about trying new and innovative ideas which, in turn, attract other people.  New churches also encourage the raising up of new leaders that may otherwise not readily get or seek leadership opportunities in existing churches. This is an important consideration given that a church’s ability to identify, empower, and equip kingdom-minded leaders largely determines the level of its success.

Core Values

Values Form the Way and How We Live Life Our Values influences and guides how we live together at Grace Compass Church as a central part of our life together. Our Values shape our Character which is directly linked to what we believe. Values reflect what we will do at Grace Compass Church as a central part of our life together.

   Grace-wholeness: We will equip people to know who they are in Christ, their new identity In Christ; How to remove their masks of who they think they are outside of Christ and the importance of yielding to the overflowing life of Christ which will overflow from their new lives in to others in their community. Becoming such a whole person is accomplished only through the grace of God.

   Relevance: We will engage today’s culture in its context with significance without selling out or  watering down the Gospel of Grace. We will live our lives out to bring the gospel in visible form to lost people all around us. We will be part of a global network that makes a kingdom impact.

   Authentic Relationships: We will pursue being real and transparent with each other, so that we can encourage, celebrate, grow, hold accountable and mourn as a family

   Compassion: We will love all people like Jesus did and minister to them daily regardless of their social status or spiritual condition. We will grow together in Incarnate Living which is the out  of the  life of Jesus by the power of the Spirit.

    Eternal Truth: We will learn and apply the truth of Scripture to all of our life, avoiding the temptation to replace its truth for the best ideas of people.

Our Mission

Grace Compass Church will be used by God to design, launch, and grow numerous high impact churches through collaboration. Collaboration is the act of united labor to serve our city with the Gospel of Grace.

These churches working in collaboration will be used as a catalyst to launch and reproduce church planters which will impact the entire southeast area of the USA, as well as minister to people groups in many other parts of our world. Grace Compass Church is committed to MULTIPLICATION of disciples and missional servant leaders who will build people who become the church.

Core Beliefs: Church Planting Is

Our Purpose: The nature of God is multiplication and reproduction.

Our Calling: The church as the Body of Christ is called to multiply.

Our Effectiveness: Church planting is the most effective form of Evangelism.

Biblical: Church planting is the biblical strategy for increasing the Kingdom.

Central: The local church is the center from which evangelism and ministry spread.

Right: It’s and investment in the only thing Jesus said He would build – the church.

America needs God and never before has the climate for evangelism and church planting been riper for America! Three generations influenced by secular humanism have created a spiritual vacuum and over 195 million unchurched people – who are searching for hope, meaning, security, and significance. Now is the time to plant more and better churches! Historically, church planting is proven to be the most effective form of evangelism.


Our Strategy

The strategy of “Grace Compass Church” will be accomplished by establishing “environments” that will be implemented through the missional community groups of the church. These missional groups will create numerous ministries and community outreach which will flow from their desires which God will birth uniquely in each individual of every missional group.

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